Celebrating Hannah!

How is it that she is already two?!?! Our HannahBear has been a part of this world for two whole years and she is simply amazing! I find myself holding back tears just watching her play, talk with her daddy, watching her Veggie Tales. She just amazes me with the simplest activities. I feel so honored that my Heavenly Father has chose us to raise this beautiful girl! To train her up in the way that she should go! She has so much sass in such a little body! She LOVES to read and color/write! She uses full sentences often. She knows a few shapes and colors. She also tries to sign when I show her the sign. We pray daily for a special blessing over her life. That she would seek Jesus and His statutes above everything else! As much as I want time to slow down, I am also just so excited to watch her grow!

Emily BakerComment