Our Newest Blessing!

For those of you don't know why I've been MIA for the past several months, I thought I'd give an update!

God is good! And it's because of His goodness that we've been able to not only been able to  welcome baby Silas this past December but we've also been able to move into a new to us home! 

Silas James Baker came into this world on Thursday, December 30th, 2016. He immediately showed us his quiet spirit when he took a good to minutes to show off his cry. Ever since that moment, he has proven himself to be such a peaceful and laid-back baby. But unfortunately we were greeted with some not-so-great news while we were packing up to bring our Si-Man home on Saturday. His bilirubin levels were too high to ignore. We were sent home with a bili blanket. Hoping that would lower his levels. Sunday morning we came back to the hospital for him to be tested only to find out his levels hadn't lowered but were even higher. We were then admitted back into the hospital so he could be put under "light" 'round the clock. So after two extra days in the hospital, we were finally able to bring our baby boy home! 

Since then, we've had even more struggles and bigger triumphs. I've watched my 2 year olds world be flipped harder than a pancake! With the new brother. New house. New schedule. EVERYTHING. She has shown herself to be the most kindest and most helpful big sister! 

This is probably the hardest season of life we have faced yet! We're tired. God has certainly given us plenty of opportunity to put our trust in Him. ( I'm so thankful He cares that much to show us how wonderful His plans are even when we don't like them at first! ) 

I've thought for days of how I would describe these photos in the blog. But I recently read a quote that covers things pretty well. "Capture not what it looks like, but what it feels like." None of these photos are perfect. They're filled with messy living rooms and cluttered kitchens. Kids with dirty faces. An overgrown lawns. And jammies at 2 in the afternoon. But this is our life. Right now. In this season. A season that I'm already starting to miss and it's not even over yet. So for now I'll capture all the feels. All the sloppy kisses and princess crowns. All of the memories. 

I'd like to thank you for being so patient with me and this adjustment! I plan to get back into the photography swing of things this spring so feel free to contact me with an inquires! I'll post a blog of some of my favorites from my sessions! And be on the look-out! Big things are in the works for Emily Grace Photoworks! ( hint : It involves a studio! ) 



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