You Are Our Sunshine

For the past three years, we have been blessed to have a front row seat to this little girl's life! Watching her grow both breaks and melts my heart as she continues to become her own person. She is far more beautiful than I could've ever imagined! She is her daddy's girl through and through! She is our biggest encouragement! Always wanting to compliment those around her! Larry is still her favorite guy...aside from her dad! If cheese crackers are not in the pantry, we better buckle up cuz it's going to be a day...She LOVES going to the library and playing with her best friend,Sutton. Listening to her sing Jesus Loves Me will forever be my favorite thing like EVER. She has recently been described as a ray of sunshine and I couldn't agree more! I mean, look at her smile! It's captivating! We will never stop being smitten over this sweet girl! 

Emily BakerComment