Hettie | Newborn

Listen, I've been there. I've stressed to make sure the outfits coordinated perfectly. I've worried about my kids behavior and hoped that they would both smile in at least ONE photo so we could have the perfect family portrait to hang on the walls. But can I be real for a second? I have a 4 year and a 19 month old. They're not going to happily stand still for the "perfect" pose because that's not them. They play, run, explore! They like to jump and poke each other and NOTHING makes them smile bigger than a random smacker on the cheek!

Now, don't get me wrong. A family portrait with everyone smiling and looking straight at the camera is nice . Really nice. But a family portrait with snuggles and laughter is SO much better! That's my job. To capture your right now. Your messy, playful, smiley, tickling, hugging around the neck , random kisses on the cheek right now. Because that's what I want you to remember. Because all too soon, your "right now" , will be turning into your "remember when". 

Jeremy, Kelly and clan are my favorite kind of clients! They were loud, snuggly, happy and so very smitten but their new addition! Miss Hettie is so blessed to be surrounded by so many people to smother her in snuggles and kisses! I enjoyed every minute of our 2 hour session! Getting to snuggle a 9lb newborn babe should be at the TOP of everyones bucket list! It's the best! 


Emily BakerComment