Whoo hoo! He's TWO

Today is the big day! We finally get to celebrate our favorite little Si-buddy turning TWO! Unfortunately for this little guy, his birthday didn’t go exactly as planned! Hannah was sick with strep and RSV on his actual birthday and he and Samuel were sick with RSV on his original party date! Poor kid. But NOW we finally get to celebrate this little buddy with all of our favorite people!

This was a big year for Silas James Baker. He became a big BROTHER! Quite a big responsibility for such a little guy but he’s handling it like a champ! We are so thankful for the love he has for Samuel! He just can’t help but smother him!

Two. Two years! He has brought more joy and laughter into our lives than I ever thought could come from such a little body! He LOVES attention any way he can get it! Tiny but mighty this little guy can steal any show with just a bat of his long eye lashes! He is so incredibly bubbly and so full of life! He craves the attention of his sissy and daddy. He’ll eat anything that even slightly resembles food! He’s become a lover of Paw Patrol and anything that involves puppies although he’s not a fan of real ones! Dancing and playing the “pano” are some of his favorite things!

With him being the middle child, a lot of his pictures sit in my Unedited File but here are some of my favorite edits and iPhone pictures from the past 2 years. God has such BIG plans for our LITTLE guy and it’s a privilege to see it all unfold!

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