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Whew! Here we go!

Five months ago, our life was forever changed because a little 7pound 11ounce ball of sweet goodness we call Sam.

In the past 5 months we have experienced exhaustion in ways we never thought possible and yet this has become my favorite season! Ladies, if you think you love your husband after he becomes a daddy once, have two more and watch the magic!

Dustin has not only managed to be a fantastic husband, daddy and pastor but he has continued to excel as a seminary student! I struggle with remembering if I’ve brushed my teeth most mornings and he’s writing 8 page essays and acing graduate level tests!

HannahBear has again proved herself to be a wonderful big sister! She is such a big help with both Silas and Sam. She is nearly done with her first year of school and surprises us daily with all of the things she is learning!

Silas is our little ham and still enjoys all the attention he can get but absolutely ADORES sam-snuggles. He decided to potty train himself and has made our job easy!

Sam has FINALLY started sleeping through the night. He rolls. He talks. He sings. He steals the heart of nearly every human who looks his direction.

We added a cow to our backyard and it makes me the happiest mama in the world to look out my backdoor and see sweet Penny basking in the sun next to the sand box.

This season of life is loud and tiring but we are so in love.

Most of our evenings are spent on the couch drinking coffee talking about what God has entrusted to us and how we can’t do this on our own. We need Jesus. We need grace. But praise be to God we have an ample amount bestowed on us daily and we refuse to waste it.

In summation, we have been given 3 precious little arrows to eventually send out into the world and we pray that we are preparing them to do MIGHTY things for the Kingdom of God

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