When it comes to getting your pictures taken, there's not too many things to stress about.

On this page you’ll find different categories that you can search through to find answers to your questions. If after you’ve read through here and still have questions. Please feel free to shoot me an e-mail. Maybe I’ll add your question here for future clients!

Location, location, location. 

I try not to put my clients in a box. The sessions aren't about me, they're about you! So, I can either tell you some locations I like to use, or you can choose some locations of your own! 

I encourage you to think AHEAD of what kind of scenery you'd like to have in your photos. Let's think about what you enjoy doing. Where do you like to spend most of your time? If you don't like the city, we'd probably stay away from the "in city" look. However, if that's something you enjoy, why not embrace it? 

What do we wear? 

Again, I want to express the importance of being you! So wear something that YOU feel comfortable in and that is similar to what you'd normally wear.
If you wear an outfit that you don't feel particularly comfortable in, it's most likely going to show up in your photos.  

When it comes to picking out your family's clothing, think COORDINATION not "exact match".  
Try finding similar colors. Maybe let one wear a pattern while the rest wear solids. Something of that sorts. 

When do I book my session?

NOW! No time like the present! It's always a good idea to figure these things out ahead of time. 
I suggest at least one month ahead of time depending on availability. This will also give you time to plan.

What time do we start? 

I'm a natural light photographer, so I plan my sessions around the sun.  
I try to stay away from middle of the day sessions. They tend to have harsh lighting.
So earlier morning or later afternoon/evening tend to render better results.