What's Our Story?


Hey there! Welcome to my site! Here's my life at a glance to those who would like to get to know the chick behind the camera! 

My name is Emily Grace Baker. I bear the title of a sinner saved by grace, wife, mama, photographer and lover of all things Chip and Johanna Gaines. 

I have been the proud owner of the name Baker for the past 7 years and there seems to be no end in sight!(Happily)

We live more on the minimalist side of things and we love raising our little ones on the farm. 

Though it may sometime seem like photography is MY LIFE, I do my very best to honor my Jesus, respect my husband and love on my babies(Hannah*5 years, Silas *2.5 years & Sam *10months) first and foremost! 

I've been a professional photographer in the Northeast Oklahoma region for the past 8 years and I strive to provide this area with a photography experience that everyone truly enjoys being a part of! 

I tend quote movies too much. My favorite drink is a vanilla Dr. Pepper easy ice from Sonic. I tear up when I look through my clients galleries. My favorite scripture verse is Romans 8:28. "For we know that all things work together for good. To those who love Him and are called according to His purpose." 

The Andy Griffith Christmas episode makes me cry every time I watch it. You know, the one where Ellie and Andy sing Away in Manger? I bawl. Every. Single. Time.

I firmly believe in capturing everyday moments because those moments are all too fleeting. 

So. That's a little bit of my story. 

 What's yours? I'd love to help you tell it!